BT gets termination notice on £300m outsourcing contract

Yet another example of the prevailing logics in business that fail to deliver the services that local people have a right to expect. #leadershiphabits


By Tony Collins

Sandwell Council has issued BT with a 30-day termination notice on a 15-year £300m outsourcing contract that has yet to reach its half-way point.

The metropolitan borough council says there are various defaults BT needs to resolve. Based at Oldbury, West Midlands, about five miles from Birmingham, Sandwell has been an outsourcing reference site for BT.

The company quoted Sandwell Council in its presentations that formed part of the bidding for Cornwall Council’s planned outsourcing work.

The “guaranteed” savings in Sandwell’s contract with BT appear to be based on a level of spending the council is not maintaining. One point of contention appears to be the council’s wish for BT to reduce its charges to the council in line with the authority’s lower levels of activity.

In June 2012 Sandwell submitted a change request that asked BT to recalculate the annual service charge because the service volumes delivered…

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Emergency Mental Health Care

Insight into the operational reality at the front line. A complex world of competing demands brought about through functionalisation, and stereotypical thinking.

Mental Health Cop

Last month it was announced that a newly invigorated Care Quality Commission will undertake a review of emergency mental health care.  This follows on from several things and is much broader than the issues arising from the Adebowale Report – recently, this independent Commission into policing and mental health in London which has national implications.  The Adebowale Report made 28 recommendations, two-thirds of which relate to health and social care and so it was well said that “The Metropolitan Police can’t do this alone”.  It was (partly) in response to those issues that the CQC announced their review.

What else could be done? – well, most operational police officers could list a range of things from our experience and if anyone thinks I’ve missed any points here, you should feel free to let me know or add a comment to the blog below.  I’m going to make sure via…

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