Fake Tan, and the Tudors

£30 to remove fake tan!

I know can you believe it?Tan by artur84

I was talking to someone recently who had hired a lodge at a Medieval Hall near Preston as part of a birthday celebration.

Now bare in mind that this is a venue used for weddings, so they will have made a few grand during the day on the hire of the venue, food, champagne for the toast etc.

Now most decent venues usually do something to make the night one to remember for the couple. You know flowers, chocolates in the room, a bottle of bubbly.. Well they do non of that!

Not many would expect a £30 charge if you get fake tan on the bedding now would they?

But there it was a notice in the room giving the incumbents fair warning that a charge would be made for getting tan on the sheets.

Fortunately the birthday party had all been on holiday, and so did not need to apply fake tan. So far so good, however,

It gets worse!

The group involved in the birthday party sleep over got charged a premium the following morning!

Yes, they slept in the beds! And as a result got charged an excess for the change of linen after they had left.

You could not make it up.

Customer service from the dark ages. I suppose that it is in perfect keeping with the age of the venue. But in this day and age how long can it keep going with this type of behaviour?

Boys from the black stuff the story goes on…

If you read the first instalment you will already know that the council came to resurface a road nearby where I live. It’s a road that I travel on at least once a day. It’s a busy road. It took them over a week to get the job done. The work was packaged into discrete components that obviously suited the work schedule and the works order, but singularly failed to deliver a good outcome for local people. Not least because six drains were left blocked by the ‘expert’ work of the team on the ground, whose job it was to remove and re lay the top surface. So, I decided to log the issue of blocked drains using the on-line e form and wait to see what happened. I would have called them, but it was going to cost me money to call them and help them do their job. Why would I bother doing that?

It was not easy to find the form on the web site. You had to know your way around local government departments to find it. Anyway, a few minutes after logging the call  I get an auto response back saying that the ‘aim’ to respond in 48 hours. An hour later another email arrives. A speedy outcome I can hear you thinking. Sadly not! A note to say that the call has now been logged in the highways system and passed to a Highways Inspector who will inspect and decide upon the action required, and that this will be planned and prioritised as seen appropriate. I am then advised that if I want an up date on this matter then I can call the contact centre after 10 days and they will advise me of progress.

Having taken breath, I dropped them a line back to say that the drains did not need inspecting –  they needed clearing! Needless to say they have not as yet responded to my comment. The saga goes on..

But it does not end there. In the local paper at the weekend I read an interesting article “Streets like a minefield’. It talked about the dangerous obstacles faced after the surface had been left pitted and potholed. Apparently three people had been injured as a result of falling over on the poor surface. A local Town Councillor was quoted as saying ‘it’s ludicrous’. Unsurprisingly, no one from the Highways Department was available to comment.

Good job well done?

The councillor is right, along with the resultant insurance claims that will surely follow the cost of this job will rocket as lawyers and bureaucrats from different parts of the council come together to defend their corner. And for what?

The chaos comes down to the design and management of work. Budgets, targets, inspections, specifications all prevent the workers on the ground from doing the right thing. The contact centre operation has so far added only cost into the process, keying data into a back office system, generating pointless emails and doing their level best to dissuade me from contacting them again. I could show them how to save a bob or two.

The clock is ticking on the blocked drains. Poor weather is forecast and even more problems will mount if action is not taken quickly to sort out the failures caused by the work done so far.  Watch this space….