Fake Tan, and the Tudors

£30 to remove fake tan!

I know can you believe it?Tan by artur84

I was talking to someone recently who had hired a lodge at a Medieval Hall near Preston as part of a birthday celebration.

Now bare in mind that this is a venue used for weddings, so they will have made a few grand during the day on the hire of the venue, food, champagne for the toast etc.

Now most decent venues usually do something to make the night one to remember for the couple. You know flowers, chocolates in the room, a bottle of bubbly.. Well they do non of that!

Not many would expect a £30 charge if you get fake tan on the bedding now would they?

But there it was a notice in the room giving the incumbents fair warning that a charge would be made for getting tan on the sheets.

Fortunately the birthday party had all been on holiday, and so did not need to apply fake tan. So far so good, however,

It gets worse!

The group involved in the birthday party sleep over got charged a premium the following morning!

Yes, they slept in the beds! And as a result got charged an excess for the change of linen after they had left.

You could not make it up.

Customer service from the dark ages. I suppose that it is in perfect keeping with the age of the venue. But in this day and age how long can it keep going with this type of behaviour?